Glass vs Plastic Greenhouse

Glass vs Plastic Greenhouse

Greenhouses are a gardener's dream come true, providing a dedicated space for nurturing plants, extending the growing seasons, and creating a peaceful haven for gardening enthusiasts. When it comes time to decide on which greenhouse to pick the options can become a bit overwhelming. In this blog post we would like to hone in on one of the major decisions a gardener will have to make when choosing their greenhouse: glass or plastic?

Each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Both offer the gardener a chance to grow plants, herbs and vegetables all year round, regardless of weather conditions. The decision between a glass or plastic greenhouse will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Lets explore some of benefits between the two.

Tempered Glass

Compared to poly, glass allows the maximum amount of natural light. This is extremely useful when the main purpose of your greenhouse is to grow plants, especially those that require plenty of sunlight to prosper. If you are worried that in the summer you may end up getting more sun than desired, not to worry! We offer shade cloth options for most of the greenhouse models we carry. 

One other benefit is that over the lifespan of the greenhouse there will be no fading or discoloration of the glass. Additionally, glass is flame resistant and a chemical-free material. For those who are environmentally conscious, glass would be a more appealing choice than polycarbonate. 

The glass that comes in our greenhouse kits is 4mm tempered glass, otherwise known as safety glass. In the case of breakage, this type of glass shatters into tiny pieces that don't cause harm instead of large sections with sharp shards that can cause serious injury. 


One major consideration for those who are exploring the idea of adding a greenhouse to their property is if the structure can handle the weather conditions of their area. If you live in a place that experiences a lot of hail, then you might be more inclined to have your greenhouse walls and roof be made of something that is almost impossible to break, like polycarbonate. This material will flex and resist against objects hitting the panels or heavy winds and snow loads.

For those who would prefer to filter some of the sunlight from the interior of the greenhouse, polycarbonate will block harmful UV rays and create a diffused light environment that promotes consistent light conditions throughout the greenhouse.

Other considerations are that the polycarbonate walls have been shown to retain heat more efficiently than glass. They are also low maintenance, demanding less cleaning than glass while still looking great.

Final Thoughts

At Garden Luster we are partial to glass due to the aesthetic appeal and therefore showcase glass exclusively in our greenhouse product catalog. However, if you feel like polycarbonate would work better for your project it is possible to order the Victorian greenhouses with polycarbonate walls. Just reach out to us via chat or e-mail to check on the availability of the polycarbonate panels for the greenhouse model and size you are interested in. 

Whether you choose a tempered glass or a polycarbonate greenhouse, both options provide a unique experience, a place where you can connect with nature and create a little piece of heaven in your own backyard.

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